Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions.

Henceforth, the service you have contracted, be it an online shop, Internet portal or system, is called SYSTEM.

Since our work cannot start without the information that will be included in your SYSTEM, it is necessary that you provide it to us in the first communication we have with you.

Therefore, we establish as the beginning of the delivery time one of these options:

The date on which you provide us with the complete information to be included in your SYSTEM,

When we receive an advance payment of 50% of the corresponding total,

What happens later. On the same day we will begin the programming and web design work to deliver your order in 7 days later.

The price of the SYSTEM includes:

  • Programming and web design work for the initial configuration of the contracted SYSTEM,
  • Upload information, text and images of products or services in the quantity you selected in your order.
  • An annual Internet domain rent with the extension ". com" or ".com.mx" or ". is" or ". net" that you selected in your order.
  • An annual Internet server hosting fee with the amount of gigabytes you selected on your order.
  • A free SSL Security Certificate (HTTPS).
  • Up to 5 email accounts.
  • Selection of 5 royalty free images.
  • Also included are the additional options you selected when contracting your SYSTEM.

We will upload the information and images of your products or services into the contracted SYSTEM, in the amount you have selected for this purpose, If you do not provide us with the information and images in a timely manner, the SYSTEM will be delivered without product or service information and you will be able to do so by following the user manual that will be sent to you by email.

The SYSTEM you contract requires "Internet domain", "hosting on Internet server" and "security certificate", in the total price of your order only an annuity of these items is included, corresponding to the current year, Therefore you will need to make annual payments in future years to hire your service.

The annual rental fee for the "Internet domain" service corresponds to the value of the option that you selected as "Domain" in the SYSTEM that you hired, in its equivalent in US dollars USD per day of the contract. Your name as a contractor will appear on the contracted Internet domain.

If you require another domain extension other than . com, .com.mx, . mx, . es or . net, request it and the quotas will be adjusted according to your price.

The annual rental fee for the service "hosting on Internet server" and "security certificate" corresponds to the amount mentioned as "Annuity" in the description of the SYSTEM you contracted.

The deadline for payment of annual service income is set each year after the beginning of the service on the same date of its recruitment, that is, annually on the same day and month of the initial payment of the service.

If the corresponding payment is not made on the established date, the service will be terminated together with the possession of the Internet domain and the other contracted services. The service provider shall not store any information.

Annual Service Rental Fees do not include: fees from electronic or referenced payment providers, such as Paypal, Oxxo pay, Conekta, Banks, etc, photo or video shooting, text or content creation, logo design or corporate image, payment of special fonts, copyrights and all kinds of rights and royalties to third parties, positioning or promotion work in Internet search engines, promotion on social networks or any other rate of third parties not previously considered.

The e-mail service shall be used by means of an e-mail system installed on the computer of the contracting customer or whoever designates him as his user. This service is limited to a maximum of 50 emails per hour and should NOT be used for mass mailing.

The contracted mailboxes have 200 MB of capacity and the download of mails from these mailboxes is the responsibility of the contracting customer, since if the contractor accumulates 200 MB of information in one of their mailboxes, it shall be saturated and the service shall be interrupted for reasons beyond the control of the service provider.

The annual service rental fees include hard disk space mentioned in the description of the SYSTEM you hired. Content other than images and text, such as video, shall be made through free third-party services and, where appropriate, video streaming services.

The annual service contracted must not be used for malicious or abusive purposes, which may cause suspension of service, temporarily or definitively.